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Our Dental Practice provides multiple dental services for our valued patients. We are dedicated to providing the best care, service and results to you, our patients. In addition to Biological and Holistic aspects of dentistry, we provide most general and major dental services such as: hygiene and cleaning, fillings and endo- treatment of root canals as well as crowns, bridges and dentures.

In addition to general dentistry our dentist specializes in implants, and associated prosthodontic restoration. All restorations, whether is is fillings or it is special crowns and bridges can be requested to be done with exceptional cosmetics.

We also stress prevention of dental disease and longevity of our restorative and cosmetic results.

Our Services

Motto: Nearly 80% of all illnesses is related entirely or partially to problems in the mouth

1. Safe Amalgam Removal

Safe amalgam removal is an extremely important procedure.  Unfortunately, 99% of practitioners removing or replacing amalgam fillings do not use safety equipment, safety procedures and protocol. Our office is uniquely equipped for safe amalgam removal.

2. Root Canal Treatment

This is a high importance issue.  Most of the root canals done in North America with not biocompatible materials that is why there is common opinion of root canals as potential trouble.
It is an inherently complicated procedure that requires a specialized  equipment and skills and a refined approach that together with biocompatible materials make a big difference.  In most cases we can expect good long lasting results

3. Fillings

Fillings are the most frequent and popular affordable tooth restoration.  Today, there are stronger, denser and more durable materials available.  However, they should be biocompatible.  Never use amalgam or unidentified material.  The other important consideration is strength and occlusal stresses.


Crowns are the only choice when the tooth has lost much of its strength and structure.

5. Bridges

Bridges are most used replacement for missing teeth.  Choosing the right material is essential.  There are new ceramic high tech options available.  The most valuable is always is accuracy, precision, finish, and cosmetic quality provided by dentist and laboratory.

6. Dentures

Dentures are removable teeth assembled on a plastic or metal frame.  It is a more affordable option to have teeth when many of them are missing.  It can be done with supporting implants which provide exceptional stability to dentures and comfort of function.  It can be done with amazing cosmetic results with your particular request.

7. Implants

Dental Implants restoration is the new high tech mode of dental rehabilitation.  In many cases it provides a much better solution than dentures.  It can provide better function, better hygiene, better fit, better cosmetics and increased comfort.  This is a truly revolutionary step in the science of  dentistry.

8. Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry is art in the full spectrum of its meaning.   As such Cosmetic Dentistry is where the talents of Dr. Serge fully unfold as he an artist.  You can find his paintings in the office.

He will use all of imagination, ingenuity and skills to convert unsightly dental conditions into refined dentals smiles which will harmonically fit your facial and anatomical uniqueness.

Now available purely ceramic crowns and bridges made of high tech Zirconia, Elite or Empress can give an exceptional Hollywood style look.

9. Periodontal Treatment

There are two major parts of oral tissues that the dentist deals with all the time.  First are the teeth itself.  Second are gums and bones supporting the teeth.  It is as important as teeth, because teeth separate from it have no value in terms of natural function and beauty.

In some case rehabilitation of periodontal health is straight forward procedures.  In other cases perio condition is much more complicated and can not be resolved easily and requires deeper understanding not only of dental conditions but all body health and day to day life regiment.

10. Veneers

Veneers are the state of the art ceramics. Badly broken and damaged teeth are restored with special ceramics to the best esthetic condition exceeding the natural look and durability. Onlays are the perfect choice when at least on of the tooth walls is still strong. The preparation is much more conservative for your own tooth. The result is cheaper and much better than on a crown case.

Their main purpose is to restore the esthetic look and shape one wish to acquire. This is the usual way of getting the Hollywood style smile.

11. Oral Hygiene and Preventive Care

Registered Dental Hygienist Ofelia Ivanov
, BS, RDH is highly trained and experienced professional, will keep your mouth feeling healthier.

Our maintenance program includes regular oral hygiene care and examinations. Any cleaning done in our office will leave you teeth cleaner and whiter - because we use the baking soda and the ultrasound, when dealing with this delicate matter.

Check your mouth regularly - gum disease is one of the main reasons why adults lose their teeth. Prevention is the most important step you can take to preserve your oral health. Visit professional hygienist regularly to maintain your healthy smile.

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