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Since Dr. Serge fixed all my teeth, I have no more trouble.  I only visit his office for routine cleanings and check ups.   Nothing, particular for 10 years  I was in Europe a month ago and visited a dentist to just to check my teeth.  He said,   “Did you have your fillings done recently?  They look like they were done yesterday?”  What quality work  - Unbelievable!


I have known Dr. Serge and his staff for many years.  They are all so friendly and caring; which makes my visits more like seeing family than going to the dentist.  Most winters I live in California, but when I am in Vancouver I go visit my dentist.


I was told by a few of my friends that a root canal treatment is very painful after treatment and can give you lots of trouble years after treatment.  To my surprise I did not feel any pain, not in treatment, and not after. 
Dr. Serge has lots of new technology gadgets and I guess it helps to do a perfect job.

I advised all of my friends:  “Go and See Dr. Serge—You Do Not Have To Suffer”

DM family

My front veneers and cosmetic crowns made a huge difference in my life.  Soon after all the work I got a job I always wanted and I always feel good about myself.  It seems people respond back smiling.  I wonder how did I live before Dr. Serge did this dental work for me.  Thank you, Dr. Serge.


I think Dr. Serge is a perfectionist.  When he did my front crown he called the lab technician and sent crowns back to them a few times to correct them.   Then he spent a lot of time himself adjusting the shape and polish it till  it shone brightly.  My own teeth never look so good.  What a job!


I know Dr. Serge and his staff for probably over 12 years.  When I first visited him as a new patient,  I really appreciated the thoroughness of his examination and explanations he gave to me.   I had many questions and he patiently answered them too. 

I have not had any problems with my teeth for a long time.   I work downtown and can visit his office with no problem. 
Hopefully, he never retires.


Dear Ofelia and Dr. ,
Thank you very much for taking good care of all my teeth.  I am very happy that I have a mouth of very healthy teeth now.

Most people don’t like to go to the dentists.  Since you and your staff are such nice and gentle people who do their jobs very well.  I don’t have fear of going to your dental office.  I really appreciate it.

July 2009

I am very appreciative of the quality work that Doctor Serge has done on my teeth.  I find him very skilled and professional and amazed at his high tech gadgetry.  Given his experience and abilities, I was surprised at his reasonable rates.

I had no trouble finding a parking space but next time I will probably take the skytrain.


I have been a patient at Dr 's dental office since late 1998. During the past twelve years Dr. and Ofelia have taken such good care of my teeth and gums that I don't have anything but words of praise for both them(and the dental assistants) The crowns Dr. put on my two teeth 10 years ago are still as strong and as stable as they were the first day - I have not needed any more work on them except my regular 6-9 months checkups/cleanings.

Actually after Dr. replaced my old dark silver fillings with new, white ones in late 1998 and early 1999 most of my regular visits to Dr. 's office have just been regular check ups and cleanings, there was no need for any major dental work because they made sure any signs of decay or cavities have been dealt with at the earliest possible tie.
I know it may sound as an exaggeration but my visits to Dr. 's office are always like visiting a friend's me: both Serge and Ofelia are very skilled and experienced professionals but at the same time they are extremely friendly, considerate and accommodating. Dealing with them has always been a pleasant experience.

For over a decade I have put my trust in Dr. and Ofelia's expertise and I am looking forward to dealing with them for many more years to come.

Milorad B. Noember 29, 2010

Dr. has been my dentist for 2years, as soon as I moved to Canada, my husband recommended Dr. to me. Dr. is a very caring person and has a much professional experience. He has been taking very good care of my teeth. During regular check-ups he and Ofelia make sure all my teeth are healthy and preventing any problems with my teeth. He and his assistant are very senitive people, they make my teeth fixing the least painful things.

Dr. 's office has a very convenient location (it's close to the Skytrain station)


PS. Once again, thank you very much for taking good care of our teeth and for being so nice to us.


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Tinseltown, Vancouver, BC,
V6B 0C9, Canada
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